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Public Goods
· Local cooling, road sprinkler, public cooling system, insulation technology
- Cooling system, clean road, cooling fog, cool roof, shade canopy, insulation paints, green roof
· Weather and climate change response industry
- Weather and climate forecasting system, observation equipment, data analysis
Industrial Goods
· New construction materials
- Insulation materials, films, paints, wallpaper, window system
· Cooling facility, freezing and cooling instruments
- Fine particle fog spray, air-conditioning, cooler, aircurtain, and other equipments
· Cooling fabrics and materials
- Functional fabrics, shading net, swimming pool facility, temperature management system
Consumer Products
· Home appliances
- Air conditioning, refrigerator, air circulator, cooling fan, dehumidifier, fashion, clothing, bedding, sitting cushion
· Fashion, clothing, bedding, sitting cushion
- Sunglasses, sandals, sun cap, cooling vest, cooling seat, cooling cushion, beddings
· Beauty and cosmetics
- sun screen, mist, deodorant, facial guard
· Camping, water sports, leisure and travel items
- Tent, rash guard, swimsuit, cooler, sunbed, tinting
Public Relations
· PR booths for governmental organizations’ policies PR booths for R&D products and NGOs